Namaste America Shampoo


Namaste America is proud to present you with a product that bottles the mysteries of India for your hair care. With amazing, refreshing aromas and sure benefits for your hair health, our shampoos will become your favorites. We invite you to try them and be convinced. Natural Varieties, Many Benefits, FDA Approved. Drawing from the power of nature, our varieties of chai, henna and herbal all have their distinctive aromas and benefits.


The majority Shampoos on the market today are filled with drugs and chemicals that can be harmful to your hair, scalp, and even overall health. We’re proud to say that all our shampoos are certified organic.


We’re confident that you’ll like the product so much that we include a satisfaction guarantee! If for any reason, you don’t like the product, feel free to send us back the bottle and we will issue your refund. We strive to ensure our customers are happy with our products. We will make it right every single time!


Product Safety is very, very important to us. Our products have been evaluated and approved by the FDA. Our plant has been evaluated and approved as well. Each one of our shampoos has the FDA seal directly on the label to ensure what the customer is buying is 100% safe and certified.

Henna Shampoo


Henna is already a worldwide known product that is used by millions of people around the globe for many uses. Most of those uses benefit hair greatly and thus, this so called “super vitamin” and it’s benefits like nourishing and highlighting the hair, can now be taken advantage of, even while showering.


Chai is a drink of delicacy that is getting known worldwide mostly for it’s exotic scent and freshness of ingredients. Our team has preformed a miracle while developing a shampoo that provides such freshness and smells, it’s almost unheard for a shampoo product while also rejuvenates hair to become stronger and more silky.

Chai Shampoo
Herbal Shampoo


While there are many different herbal shampoos on the market, we believe our herbal shampoo stands out from our competitors due to the multiple benefits that our shampoo has such as: Balance Conditioning, Hair Fall Control, Moisturizes, and much more. Ingredients this pristine is something you would usually find in a extremely expensive shampoo brands, and we understand that safety is a top priority to our customers, we’ve inspected all our ingredients multiple times, we even are FDA Approved and are 100% Organic. Now can you say that about other herbal shampoos or other shampoos in general?


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